Create your professional CV

A well-written CV makes an applicant stand out from the crowd of applicants and increases the chances of being invited for an interview.

In today's highly competitive job market, there are about 70 CVs per vacancy. It is extremely important to make a 'sellable' resume and get the employer to pay attention to your candidacy.
In this article we will tell how to write a resume and properly structure it.

Quick and easy

With resumecompanion.com, anyone can get a professional CV quickly. Enter your personal details and leave your application form.

More chances to get

A representative, professional CV will set you apart from all other applicants. You are also 65% more likely to be invited for an interview.

Refine your knowledge

It's often important to be able to tailor your CV to the job you want to apply for. The company will create a CV that will outline all your experience and knowledge in an orderly manner without going over the text.

Every applicant can write a simple CV describing his experience, education, personal and professional qualities. If you want your CV to be of high quality and appealing to employers, you can use the services of professionals who can write professional CVs for different occupations.

Your resume will help you in applying for jobs and internships and when applying to universities overseas. In both cases it will create a first impression of you and so it is important that it reflects your worth. There are many online services to help you put together a structured, clear and concise CV.

But perhaps the best-known resume writing service is resumegets.com. You get a classic CV - a separate block with contacts, education and work experience. You can include additional skills and add a photo. A separate block is also added for language skills: you can specify your native language and level of foreign language skills.




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